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NinjaTrader Support for FX Synergy

After having received a huge number of requests for NinjaTrader support, we are very pleased to announce that FX Synergy will be supporting NinjaTrader very soon.

We expect to be releasing FX Synergy 1.5.1 with NinjaTrader support early next year. This means that all features in FX Synergy will be available with NinjaTrader, and multi-account trading and trade copying will ofcourse be fully supported as well, so you can mix and match accounts on both platforms completely transparently.

Back in July we announced cTrader support for FX Synergy. This is still in development as we are waiting for SpotWare to finalize their API (3 months ago they were planning on being done by now). So there’s a good chance that cTrader support will be released together with NinjaTrader support.

FX Synergy 1.5 Released

We are extremely proud to announce the official release of FX Synergy 1.5, the most advanced MT4 trade manager.

If you have an active license, simply start or restart FX Synergy and you will be asked to update to the latest version (if your trial or update subscription has expired you won’t be able to use the new version). Please note that you will be asked to un-install your current version. This is normal. Your settings will survive. Please remember to close all MT4 terminals before updating.

Below is a video that showcases all the new features that we have added in FX Synergy 1.5. We highly recommend that you watch it as it covers virtually everything we have added. If you want to see the list of new features in writing, please see this post and this post.

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FX Synergy 1.5 Coming October 8

We sent out an email to everyone yesterday, and totally forgot to update our blog, so here it is.

FX Synergy 1.5 is being officially released on Tuesday, October 8th. We had planned on releasing it yesterday, on October 1st, but long story short we need a little more time.

Our new website will also be launched on October 8th, along with the weekly webinars, which are starting on October 9th.

If you haven’t read the big annoucement earlier you can read it here.

Please note that our pricing changed a few days ago. A lifetime license with lifetime updates is now $497 (one-time payment). The monthly subscription is now $37/month. If you currently have a lifetime license and want to upgrade to lifetime updates, you can upgrade here at $197 (one-time payment).

Pecunia Systems 2.0

Please read everything in this post, as it contains a lot of important information that affects all users in a number of ways.

Everything we do is based on user feedback, and we always listen. Based on the feedback we have received over the past several months, we have decided to make a number of changes which will greatly benefit all our users.

FX Synergy 1.5

We had originally planned to release FX Synergy 1.5 last week, however, after the announcement in July, we received a ton of inquiries asking us to include a number of additional features in this release. Since we always listen to our users, especially in large numbers, we have decided to postpone the release until October 8th, so we can release FX Synergy 1.5 with the following additional features, which are all highly requested:

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cTrader Support for FX DailyRange

We are pleased to announce that our FX DailyRange indicator will be supporting cTrader later this year.

Over the past 6 months we have seen a huge increase in requests for cTrader support in our products. We always listen very closely to user feeback, however the requests for cTrader support has been nothing short of overwhelming, which is why we are now working on supporting cTrader in all our products.

We don’t have a release date yet for cTrader support for FX DailyRange, however it wil be announced shortly.