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Goodbye Windows XP

Windows XP was released back in August 2001. If you are still using Windows XP almost 12 years later, are you preparing for April 8, 2014 when Windows XP reaches end-of-life? In about 10 months from now, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, support, patches, etc. for Windows XP, leaving your very old Windows installation exposed and vulnerable.

Microsoft actually ended mainstream support for Windows XP back in 2009, and has been providing extended “life-support” ever since, simply because so many computers are still running it. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 yet, we highly recommend that you do so very soon. All future updates and releases from Pecunia Systems will not be supporting Windows XP.

If you want to read more about Windows XP, here’s a great article on Wikipedia.

Problems With Norton Anti-Virus

Apparently, Symantec, the creators of Norton Anti-Virus, have jumped on the popular “file reputation” wagon. Microsoft introduced this in one of their recent Internet Explorer updates. Basically it means that any file that doesn’t have a gazillion downloads is seen as a possible threat, simply because there’s not enough data to prove that it’s absolutely safe. This really is a very sad attempt at protecting users: Deleting files the second they are downloaded because they are not “trusted”. Exactly how will the file ever be trusted if nobody is allowed to download it?

All our executable files are digitally signed by “Pecunia Systems”. If you come across this issue with Norton Anti-Virus, or any other Anti-Virus software, please disable it and download and install FX Synergy, then re-enable it. You shouldn’t see any issues after installing.
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FX Synergy Not Displaying Correctly?

If FX Synergy doesn’t display correctly on your screen, you probable have Windows Screen Magnification enabled. Since it enlarges everything on the screen, it effectively screws up the layout and placement of UI elements. The solution is very simple and will immediately solve the issue, please see this page on to disable windows screen magnification.

New MT4 Build 419 Fixes Issue with Build 418

We have tested the new MT4 build 419 and it works flawlessly with FX Synergy. If you have been waiting to update your MT4 now is the time to do it. Please remember that you should still never use build 418.

Latest MT4 Update Breaks EAs and Indicators

The latest update to MT4, Build 418, breaks EA’s and indicators because it screws up DLL calls, something that many EA’s and indicators rely on to communicate with MT4, including FX Synergy.

Please DO NOT update your MT4 terminals to the latest version, build 418, until this issue has been resolved by MetaQuotes.

You can read more about the issue here:

If you want to help, please post on the forum demanding that MetaQuotes fix this immediately.

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