Chart Tools

Chart Tools for Kevin’s Free Range Trading

Chart Tools is a collection of highly useful and time-saving tools for use with Kevin’s Free Range Trading.

The current package contains the following tools:

  • Activate
  • Convert Lines
  • Copy
  • Create Labels
  • Deactivate
  • Delete Filter
  • Delete Labels
  • Delete Trend
  • Delete
  • Move Labels
  • Paste
  • Reverse
  • Select
  • Buy Double
  • Buy Hook
  • Buy Light
  • Buy
  • Hook
  • Sell Double
  • Sell Hook
  • Sell Light
  • Sell
  • Stop

When installing, make sure you select the main folder of your MT4 platform, i.e. C:\Program Files\MT4 Terminal

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Download ChartTools 1.4 (exe)

Download ChartTool 1.4 (zip)