About Pecunia Systems

Pecunia Systems was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to developing unique first-class software for both professional and retail traders. All our software is developed in-house by our highly skilled and dedicated development team.

Everyone at Pecunia Systems are experienced traders. This includes our management, developers, support team and technical staff. We strongly believe that to develop and support first-class trading software, it’s imperative that we all understand trading at a deep level, and have plenty of hands on experience. The combined insights and expertise of our entire team ensures that our products are always outstanding.

We get a lot of questions about our name. Pecunia is the Latin word for money. With that in mind, we feel that Pecunia Systems is quite a fitting name for a company that specialize in creating software for traders.

Our flagship product FX Synergy is the industry-leading trade management solution for MetaTrader. Designed with speed and usability in mind, it offers many features not found in any other trading product, and it’s currently in use by thousands of traders around the world.

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