Forex Trade Levels

Forex Trade Levels

Powerful trade levels and chart work hand-crafted by professional traders

Save hours every day by letting our team of professional traders do all the work for you.

Our trade levels indicate strong areas of support, resistance, supply & demand

By trading only in these areas you will greatly improve the profitability of your trading.

How They Are Made

Our trade team spends hours analysing the markets every single day

They carefully hand-pick a buy area and a sell area on 9 major Forex pairs

They determine the daily trend, markup profesional trend lines and stop zones

How To Trade

Use with any existing strategy to filter out losing trades and increase winning trades

We recommend using candlestick formations and price action for best results

Look for setups on M1, M5, M15 around support, resistance, supply & demand zones

Supported Forex Pairs










Supported Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5


coming soon

Looking for another trading platform? Please let us know!


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Trade Levels Only

$ 47


  • 9 Forex Pairs

  • Daily Trade Levels

  • All Supported Platforms



$ 67


  • 9 Forex Pairs

  • Daily Trade Levels

  • All Supported Platforms

  • Trend Lines

  • Stop Zones

  • Daily Trend

  • Live Trade Team Updates


We highly recommend that traders are familiar with market structure, price action and candle stick formations in order to get the most out of the trade levels.

We recommend looking for setup on M1, M5 and M15 depending on market conditions. We are looking for the smallest stop possible and the highest risk-reward.

We are working on an online masterclass that covers everything about market structure, price action and candle stick formations in great detail.

The average win rate is 75-80%, however, even if your win rate is only 50% you will still be profitable, as the average risk-reward is 1:3, 1:4 and even 1:5.

The trade levels are always published before London open, so they are available as the trading day starts.

By installing an indicator on your trading platform (MT4, MT5, cTrader) which automatically draws the trade levels and supporting chart work (Levels Plus) for you as they are publushed by our trade team. In other words, they will automagically appear.

Unfortunately, it is the only way to effectively protect the product against someone doing trial after trial, without ever signing up for a subscription.