MT4 Trade Manager

MT4 Trade Manager

The Ultimate MT4 Trade Manager

FX Synergy is the most advanced MT4 Trade Manager with 1-Click Execution, Risk Calculation, Multiple Accounts, Stealth Mode and many other powerful features to make your trading much more efficient. The latest version supports direct connection and unlimited MT4 accounts. FX Synergy is an real Windows application with all the bells and whistles. It’s NOT an EA or a bunch of scripts. This MT4 trade manager gives you all the functionality you need, but currently don’t have, in a single easy-to-use application.

Trade Management for MetaTrader

FX Synergy was designed by professional traders looking for an MT4 trade manager to efficiently manage their trades. FX Synergy can do pretty much everything you need to successfully manage your trades. It was designed to make trade management with MT4 as easy as possible.

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Fully Functional With Demo & Live Accounts

How It Works

FX Synergy works completely transparently with MetaTrader. You can still use all the features in MetaTrader, i.e. open or close trades either in FX Synergy or MetaTrader. All trade operations done in MetaTrader will be visible in FX Synergy and vice versa.

Direct Connection & Unlimited Accounts

The next generation of FX Synergy is currently in public beta and features direct connection to the broker and unlimited accounts! There’s no need to run any slave terminals, just run the MT4 terminals you need for charts and indicators.

Read more about FX Synergy and see the full feature list.

Rating for FX Synergy
4.8 out of 5 based on 287 customer ratings