Setup FX Synergy

How To Setup FX Synergy

Please follow this guide step-by-step to get up and running with FX Synergy. Please note that Windows XP is not supported.




Download the latest version of FX Synergy here: Download FX Synergy 1.4.2

You need to have .NET 4.5 installed. If you are not sure, download and run the .NET installer here: Download Microsoft .NET 4.5

If you already have .NET 4.5 on your machine, the installer will tell you.




First, close any open MT4 terminals. Now you can run the FX Synergy setup you downloaded in step 1. Simply click through the setup until FX Synergy is installed.




The first time you start FX Synergy it will ask for your license key. Simply copy and paste the license key you have received via email. Once you have successfully activated you will not be asked to activate again. If you don’t have a license key you can purchase a license here, or request a free 30-day trial license through the software. Trial licenses can only be used once.

Please note that FX Synergy is licensed per machine. You can move your license to a new machine at any time, simply install and activate on the new machine. When you activate on a new machine, any previous activations will automatically be deactivated. If you need to run FX Synergy on multiple machines, you need a license per machine.



Account Setup

The first thing you need to do is connect FX Synergy to your MT4 terminal. If you have multiple MT4 terminals you need to pick your primary one.

When you start FX Synergy the first time, you will see the Quick Start guide.

a) Click the small browse button in the Path field. FX Synergy then auto-detects the MT4 terminals on your machine. Now select the MT4 terminal you want to connect to FX Synergy. If the MT4 terminal you want to use isn’t on the list, simply click the Browse button to manually locate the main folder of the MT4 terminal.

b) If your broker is not an ECN broker, please set the ECN option to No. If you are not sure, simply leave the ECN option at Yes.

c) Select the symbols you want to trade. This can be changed later at any time, so if you are not sure simply leave the symbol selection as it is.

d) Click Next Step. FX Synergy will now setup your account with the default settings.

e) Start the MT4 terminal you specified. Go to Tools > Options and select Expert Advisors. Make sure the checkboxes are set exactly as this screenshot.

f) Then open a new Forex chart and load the FX Synergy template. Right-click the chart and select Templates, then select FX Synergy.

g) You should now see live quotes in FX Synergy. Everything is now setup and connected, and FX Synergy is ready for trading.

Please note that FX Synergy connects to your MT4 terminal via the template you loaded. That chart is dedicated to connecting FX Synergy and the MT4 terminal. Do not close that chart. It must be open at all times, otherwise FX Synergy will lose the connection to the MT4 terminal.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you are only running the template on a single chart. Running the template on multiple charts may result in duplicate trades.



Final Step

The last thing you will want to do is check out the FX Synergy Manual. It contains a lot of important information about how FX Synergy works, and has dedicated chapters covering all major features. We highly recommend that you start by studying the chapter on Presets.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please use our Support Desk. All support through the Support Desk is free. If you need live support, where we remotely log on to your computer and talk with you live, please request it via the Support Desk. Please note that live support is billed at $47 per half hour.


Common Issues & Important Information

a) If FX Synergy is not connecting to MT4, make sure you have a blank chart that reads “FX Synergy .. Do not close this chart“. If you don’t have this chart simply load the template on a new chart.

b) If you are getting duplicate trades, it’s because the FX Synergy template is running on multiple charts. Please check all your charts, and make sure you only have one chart that reads “FX Synergy .. Do not close this chart“.

c) If you change the account number in MT4, you need to update the account number in FX Synergy so it matches.

d) If you change the MT4 terminal, you need to remove the old MT4 terminal in FX Synergy and add the new one. Also, make sure you unload the template in the old terminal.

e) When adding a new or additional MT4 terminals, be sure to close the new MT4 terminals before adding them.

f) You should never use the FX Synergy Expert Advisor. It’s loaded internally by the template, and should never be manually loaded on a chart.

g) You should never manually install any of the FX Synergy files in an MT4 terminal. The software does this for you, and ensures that everything is setup correctly.