FX Synergy 2.0 Update

FX Synergy 2.0 adds support for MetaTrader 5, cTrader, Sierra Chart and NinjaTrader 8. While these platforms are all highly requested, the most requested platform by far is NinjaTrader 8.

Many have asked us about NinjaTrader 7, and the sad fact is that NinjaTrader 7 doesn’t offer the same level of integration, so unfortunately it cannot be supported.

When our developers began work on supporting NinjaTrader 8, it had been in public beta for a while, and considered a stable platform by the trading community. In fact, many traders had already dropped NinjaTrader 7 in favor of NinjaTrader 8 (still in beta), and were screaming at us for FX Synergy to support NinjaTrader 8.

During the early stages of the integration we ran into a number of issues, which is to be expected when using a beta platform, however, the issues were so severe that we couldn’t offer NinjaTrader 8 support in a beta release of FX Synergy 2.0, and since this was the most requested integration, releasing a beta of FX Synergy 2.0 without NinjaTrader 8 support simply wasn’t an option. Beta updates of NinjaTrader 8 kept coming, and our developers kept working, and finally in November of last year, NinjaTrader 8 was offically released. Since then, many issues have been fixed in various updates, but very unexpectedly, to this date, we are still experiencing challenges with the platform. If there are any NinjaTrader 8 developers reading this, you have probably experienced at least some of the same issues we are facing.

We will not be releasing anything unless we are absolutely certain it will work perfectly for 99% of users, and we will not be dropping support for NinjaTrader 8 either (even though we have considered doing so since the issues at times have been beyond critical), so this leaves us with 3 options:

1) Release the beta of FX Synergy 2.0 without NinjaTrader 8 support, and add it later in a beta update. The challenge in doing so, is that it would very likely delay the official release of FX Synergy 2.0, and we don’t want a beta period of more than 6 months, at most.

2) Keep working on NinjaTrader 8 support until the platform is stable. That could take a while.

3) Give NinjaTrader 8 one more chance, and if it’s still not a stable platform in the next few months, continue with FX Synergy 2.0 without NinjaTrader 8, until it can be supported.

Quite honestly, we are not keen on any of the above.

In a last effort to not let any NinjaTrader 8 users down, we have decided on the last option, especially since we have already spent so much time on the platform, and we really want to release the beta with NinjaTrader 8 support.

While we want to keep our promise of NinjaTrader 8 support, we also need to release FX Synergy 2.0 to everyone else who is not using NinjaTrader 8.

Whatever happens over the next few months, FX Synergy 2.0 is coming.