FX Synergy – FAQ

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about FX Synergy. Please check this list before contacting support.

Are you offering any discounts?
No. It’s already priced extremely low compared to other trading software that only does a fraction of what FX Synergy does.

What symbols are supported?
Any symbols that your broker is offering are fully supported: Forex, Metals, Futures, CFD’s, etc.

How many accounts are supported?
You can connect up to 20 accounts, with any number of brokers, regardless of account type. Mix and match.

What account types are supported?
All account types are supported: Demo, Live, Standard, Mini, Micro, etc.

Which brokers are supported?
All MT4 brokers are supported.

How does FX Synergy handle symbol suffixes?
Symbol suffixes are handled automatically and transparently. The suffix is not visible in FX Synergy.

Can I use FX Synergy with other indicators and Expert Advisors?
Yes. You can use any number of indicators and Expert Advisors on your accounts.

Which trades can I manage with FX Synergy?
Any trades on your MT4 account is visible in FX Synergy and can be fully managed.

Can I use FX Synergy on a VPS?
Yes. VPS is fully supported.

Can I get my trial period extended?
No. 30 days should be ample time for any trader to try FX Synergy and see how it works.


I can’t activate the trial version?

How do I change the symbols used for 1-click execution?

How do I trade on multiple accounts with a single click?

I’m using stealth mode and my orders are not closed exactly at the stop?

It looks like part  of the application has been cut off?

How do I reset everything and start from scratch?

How do I connect my first account?

How do I connect multiple accounts?

My account disconnects and doesn’t reconnect automatically?

How do I add new symbols that are not listed in FX Synergy?

I keep getting “invalid SL/TP” when entering a trade?

I keep getting “invalid account ID” when I load the EA on a chart?

How do I add an account that is not detected by FX Synergy?

How do I see when my update subscription expires?

How do I get updates so I know I’m running the latest version?

I’m not getting quotes on all pairs in FX Synergy?

What does the error codes mean?