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Forex Trade Levels

Most traders struggle in finding the optimal entry and exit for their trades. There’s nothing worse than buying at the top, and selling at the bottom.

If only there was a way to know where the markets are going and are most likely to change direction. That would be like having the ultimate crystal ball.

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Installing FX Synergy MT4 Files

FX Synergy will install and update the scripts and indicators automatically, however in some cases it may not be able to do so. We have created this quick video to show you how to manually install the files into your MT4 terminal.

FX Synergy – Trade Panel Preview

Can you imagine placing all your trades with FX Synergy, directly on the charts in MT4?

Many of our users can, as this functionality has been requested for a very long time, and it’s finally coming in FX Synergy 1.5.2 due for release later this month.

The video below is a preview of the trade panel, which has a lot of options so it can be customise to your trading style and strategy.

News Trading Features in FX Synergy

In the latest FX Synergy update released yesterday, we have included 2 new features designed for news trading. If you are trading the news you need to check out these news features.

The video below covers the new features, one of which is the Breakout Tool where you can open multiple pending orders on multiple symbols with a single click. All settings can be setup in advance, and can be saved and loaded as a template.

Issues Caused by New MT4 Update

On Monday, MetaQuotes released the new MT4 build 600, which have already been rolled out by a number of brokers. The update introduces a number of changes, which are already causing issues for virtually everyone developing software for MT4. The video below goes through the changes and the issues. We highly recommend that you watch it.

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