Multi Account Manager for MetaTrader

FX Synergy - The Ultimate Trade Manager for MetaTrader

Multi Account Manager for MetaTrader

FX Synergy is a broker-independent multi account manager for MetaTrader that can manage up to 20 accounts. If you are struggling trying to manage trades across multiple accounts, even across multiple brokers, then FX Synergy is exactly what you need.

Developed by professional traders it has all the features you need to make trade management an absolute breeze. Imagine opening an order on 20 accounts at the same with a single click! With 1-Click Execution and Account Groups this is as easy as it gets.

Check out the list of main features on the right, you won’t find anything like it anywhere, we know, that’s why we made it! See the product page for FX Synergy to learn more about how it can help you manage multiple accounts across multiple brokers. You can try it out absolutely FREE for 30 days.

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