FX Synergy 1.3.12 Released

We have just released the latest version of FX Synergy. It includes a number of minor fixes and tweaks. The major changes and additions in the new version 1.3.12 are:

  • Custom color for SL/TP values in stealth mode.
  • Custom value for market price near SL/TP/Activation. Currently the default value is 10 pips.
  • Pips to SL/TP are now shown in real-time next to SL/TP. This can be disabled under settings.
  • Always on top. Keep FX Synergy on top of all windows.
  • Copied trades are now grouped together in a new group with the master trade marked.
  • STP/ECN support. If your broker supports market execution (and doesn’t allow you to place orders with SL/TP) FX Synergy will now apply SL/TP values the second the order has been placed, effectively turning market execution into instant execution.

To update simply start or restart FX Synergy and select update when prompted.

Remember that the update system will ask you to uninstall the older version, this is by design. The new version will be installed afterwards.