FX Synergy 1.4.0 Released

We have just released FX Synergy version 1.4.0

The new version includes a lot of improvements and new features:

– Up to 20 accounts supported.
– Display of the extra digit on quotes.
– Easier installation and setup of accounts.
– Multi-level trailing stop with stepping.
– Multi-level stop reverse.
– Improved order modification options, modify in pips based on market or entry.
– Risk per trade shown for open orders, either amount or percentage.
– Pips to SL and TP shown for all open orders.
– Show local time or time elapsed, instead of broker time.

– Improved move SL, more values and based on market or entry.
– Scale in with risk or lot-based multiplier.
– Expiry price on pending orders.
– Manual activation of pending orders.
– Auto-detection of several account features such as extra digit and suffix.
– Full support for other symbols than Forex.
– Price alerts
– Email alerts
– Improved software update system
– Many other tweaks and improvements

The above is just to name a few!

We have also fixed an issue that caused some platforms to disconnect periodically.

To get the new version simply go to the FX Synergy product page and click download.

If you are currently a trial user and want to have your trial extended, regardless of when it expired, just create a support ticket and we will help you out. We want everone to try the new and improved FX Synergy!

We are looking forward to your feedback on the latest version of FX Synergy.