FX Synergy 1.4.1 Released

We are proud to release the latest version of FX Synergy.

New features:

  • Built-in Webserver. Remotely monitor all activity using your webbrowser. Perfect for VPS installations.
  • Visual SL/TP Indictor. Visually set your SL and TP values directly from the charts.
  • SL/TP Editor. Manually adjust SL/TP values when using 1-click execution. You can now specify the exact pips or price value for either SL or TP.
  • Symbol Groups. Some brokers use different names for the same symbol, which is a real pain when trading multiple accounts. By grouping identical symbols, FX Synergy will know which symbols to use on slave accounts, even if the symbol name is different from the master account.
  • Magic Number Filter. Specify the magic number(s) to use with the trade copier. Only trades that match will be copied.
  • Console Lock. Secure the trading console by locking it with a password.
  • Slippage per Symbol Type. Each symbol type now has its own slippage value.
  • Reset Settings. Delete the config.bin file to reset everything and start from scratch.
  • Pending Risk. Risk value (percentage or amount) is now shown for pending orders as well.
  • Max Lot. Setup the max lot size allowed per trade per account.
  • Status Alert. Email alerts now include account status notifications, i.e. account offline or disconnected.
  • Disable Audio Alerts. If you don’t like the cool siren sound when error notifications are shown, you can now disable it.
  • Ignore Account Offline. If you are having temporary connection issues with your broker, you can override the status.

All the features are covered in the updated manual, and as usual we have added several tweaks, and fixed a few minor bugs.

Simply start or restart FX Synergy to get the latest update!

This is the last release of the 1.4 series, the next update will be 1.5 with direct connection to the broker. We expect to release 1.5 in late April or early May. Stay tuned!