FX Synergy 1.5 Feature List & Survey

As you probably know, we have been working on the next big update of FX Synergy for the past several months, version 1.5. It’s a huge update, the biggest ever, with many improvents and new features, which also means it takes quite a bit of time to finalize.

We are committed to providing a first-class quality product, so we don’t intend to release anything unles we feel it’s absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, this means that development and testing has taken a bit longer than we originally expected. Recently, we have come to realize that it’s much better to release smaller updates, so you guys get access to new features sooner. This is also what we have done in the past. On top of that, we keep getting a lot of questions about when different features will be released, so we thought it would be appropriate to ask you guys which features you want to see first.

Here’s a list of the major upcoming features:

  • Direct Connection to MT4 Broker (FX Synergy will connect directly to the broker, just as MT4 is doing. This means no more EA’s, and you can run just the MT4 terminals that you need for charts)
  • Detailed Reporting (Get a complete overview across all your accounts. Detailed reporting with info such as: what has been traded, which pairs are good and which are not, what sessions yield the best results, what’s the overall drawdown, automatically takes screenshots of your charts when orders are opened and closed, so you can document to yourself why a trade was good or bad, and many many more)
  • Advanced Order Grouping (Trading multiple accounts can quickly add up to a large number of trades. To give you a better overview, slave trades can be automatically/manually hidden and grouped with the master trade, so you only see the master trade. You can always click on the master trade to see the slave trades, and any changes done to the master trade is automatically applied to all slave trades, i.e. trailing stop, partial close, etc.)
  • Stealth Mode With Hard SL/TP (Set visible SL/TP values on the order that are higher than the hidden SL/TP. This can fool your broker, but also provide security if you lose connection to the broker, i.e. there’s always an SL/TP value set)
  • Dedicated Notification System (Depending on your email provider, delivery can be delayed, so email alerts don’t always arrive in time. This is a custom-built notification system designed for speed, it supports several different platforms, such as Windows, iPhone, Android, etc. and allows you to get instant notifications anywhere)
  • Mobile Management App (Designed for iPad, iPhone and Android, this app connects to your existing FX Synergy installation, and allows you to see all your trades as well as manage them, i.e. open, close or modify)

We should also mention that with direct connection, the next version of FX Synergy will support unlimited accounts. You can add as many as your system can handle. It will also include a number a smaller tweaks and fixes.

Also, we have been getting a lot of requests for a different pricing model for FX Synergy. Instead of paying a larger amount upfront, and a smaller amount per year, it seems many of you are more interested in paying a small amount every month instead, basically a low-cost monthly software subscription.

To help us decide on the pricing model, and which features to prioritize in coming updates, please select the 3 that are the most important to you, in order of importance. Feel free to add any comments, we will be carefully reading each submission.

Update: We want to thank everyone for all of the amazing feedback we have received. The survey is now closed.