FX Synergy 1.4.2 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of FX Synergy 1.4.2. This release includes some major improvements, a number of new features, and a few tweaks and fixes.

Major improvements:

  • Full Extra Digit Support. This is a big one, FX Synergy now fully supports the extra digit all the way. This means that all pip value editors now allow 0.1 increments, and all price editors also supports the extra digit. Scalpers especially will love this improvement.
  • Presets on External Trades. All accounts and account groups can now be setup to automatically apply a preset to trades that does not originate from FX Synergy. This is very useful if you are using FX Synergy to manage trades from a signal service or EA.
  • Partial Close with True Break-Even. FX Synergy can now move the stop loss to the true break-even point after partially closing a trade, thereby securing the remaining order. Please note that break-even in this case is not the entry price, it’s the stop loss price at which the order will not be a loss if it’s taken out at the stop. We have received a huge number of requests for this feature.
  • Follow-The-Master. Slave orders will follow the master order. Disable to have slave orders managed individually. This feature is extremely useful for copied trades, or in cases where quotes differ significantly between accounts.
  • Voice Alerts. Don’t freak out, FX Synergy now speaks to you when something happens. Under advanced settings you can select which events trigger a voice alert.

Other features and enhancements:

  • Move Stop with Negative Pip Value. You can now move the SL below the entry price by specifying a negative pip value.
  • Automatic Scale-In. No more manual first-level activation. Just set the pipvalue for the first level and sit back.
  • Pip Count for Pending Orders. Pending orders now show pips to activations, pips to SL and pips to TP.
  • Reverse Order. Feature now has 2 options: use current order lotsize or use preset settings.
  • News Import. Setup default settings for news imports so you don’t have to select the same settings every time.
  • Override Tickvalue. If your broker is showing incorrect tickvalues, you can now override the tickvalue for all symbols and manually specify the correct ones.
  • Dim Application Background Color. Very useful when trading at night.
  • Highlight Selected Orders. The entire row can be highlighted so you’re always sure which order you are working with.

This update also inludes a number of smaller tweaks and fixes.

To get the latest version, simply start/re-start FX Synergy and you will be asked to upgrade. Enjoy!

If your update subscription has expired, or you don’t have one yet, simply go to Settings > About and click subscribe under updates.

The next update will be FX Synergy 1.5 with direct connection.