FX Synergy 2.0 Coming Soon

We are very excited to be announcing our plans for FX Synergy 2.0.

This is the BIGGEST update ever. Our developers are currently working on finalising many of the new features and over 300 minor tweaks and improvements. With the release of FX Synergy 2.0 we are also changing the licensing model to include 3 different versions: Basic, Standard and Pro:

  • Basic: $19/month or $247 for lifetime. The Basic license doesn’t include Scale In, Stop Reverse, Account Groups, Stealth Mode, Trade Panel Configs, News Suspension, Breakout Tool or Sequence Tool. Supports MT4 and cTrader.
  • Standard: $37/month or $497 for lifetime. The Standard license is the equivalent of FX Synergy 1.5.3 with a number of new features. Supports MT4 and cTrader.
  • Pro: $87/month or $997 for lifetime. The Pro license has all features and supports MT4, cTrader, NinaTrader and Sierra Chart.

Monthly subscribers are upgraded to Standard, and Lifetime license holders (purchased before January 25, 2018) are upgraded to Pro at no charge.

Here’s an overview of the biggest additions in FX Synergy 2.0:

  • Support for cTrader, NinjaTrader and Sierra Chart: Trade and copy trades across MT4, cTrader, NinjaTrader and Sierra Chart. Trade them separately, or setup account groups and trade any combination of trading platforms at the same time. NinjaTrader and Sierra Chart is available on Pro only.
  • MT4 Backtester: Use all features in FX Synergy to trade using the standard backtester in MT4. One of the most highly requested features ever. Available on all versions.
  • FX Synergy App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone: Get alerts and news announcements directly on your mobile device. Never again will alerts get lost or eaten by spam filters. Monitor and manage your trades on the road. Available on all versions.
  • Strategy Builder: Define simple or complex triggers for alerts and order events (open/modify/close) when certain conditions are met, e.g. a certain candle formation appears, or a candle on a certain timeframe closes above a certain price, or any number of different indicators are showing something of interest. Depending on your strategy, it can be created using the strategy builder without any kind of programming. Available on Pro only.
  • Basket Trader: Open multiple orders (market and pending) across multiple accounts and multiple symbols at the same using pre-defined settings and presets. Available on Standard and Pro.
  • Master/Slave Order View: When trading with account groups, slave orders are hidden from the main order view so you only see the master orders, with easy access to show the slave orders for each master order when needed. Available on Standard and Pro.
  • Pending Order Manager: Setup multiple pending orders across multiple accounts and multiple symbols before placing them, or schedule when you want them to be placed. Automatically import pending orders from external sources. Works with Strategy Builder. Available on Standard and Pro.
  • News Plotter: See news announcements directly on your charts. Available on all versions.
  • History Plotter: See your trading history directly on your charts. Available on all versions.
  • New Internal Trade Panel: The 1-click trade panel in FX Synergy has been redesigned and optimised. Available on all versions.
  • New Skins: Choose between Classic, Grey and Dark. Available on all versions.
  • BlackBox Trading API: Efficient and ultra fast (1000 requests/second) HTTP based API to open, modify and close orders and positions across all accounts. Retrieve all orders and positions across all accounts. Our institutional clients have been requesting this for a long time. Available on Pro only.

There are many more new features, the above are just the major ones. If you have any questions about a specific feature, feel free to ask our support team.

After the release, we will be adding support for TradeStation, MultiCharts, T4, JForex and thinkorswim. Available on Pro only.

If any of the above has gotten you all excited please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

FX Synergy 2.0 is being released in 2019. Release date to be announced.