Pecunia Systems 2.0

Please read everything in this post, as it contains a lot of important information that affects all users in a number of ways.

Everything we do is based on user feedback, and we always listen. Based on the feedback we have received over the past several months, we have decided to make a number of changes which will greatly benefit all our users.

FX Synergy 1.5

We had originally planned to release FX Synergy 1.5 last week, however, after the announcement in July, we received a ton of inquiries asking us to include a number of additional features in this release. Since we always listen to our users, especially in large numbers, we have decided to postpone the release until October 8th, so we can release FX Synergy 1.5 with the following additional features, which are all highly requested:

Auto Import News. News are automatically imported when FX Synergy is started, and auto-updated every 6 hours.
Improved News/Suspend. We are adding even more settings for the news/suspend feature making it even better. This feature alone is so powerful that our beta testers are freaking out.
Filter Events by Account. Filter the event log by account. Very handy when managing multiple accounts.
Market Order Expiry. Set an expiry time and date for all market orders.
Pending Order Expiry. Use your computers local time for pending order expiry, very handy when trading multiple accounts across timezones.
Order Comments. Set, view and edit commets for all orders.
Auto-Group Orders. When trading using account groups, orders are now automatically grouped together.
Chart Screenshots. Automatically grab a screenshot of your charts when you open and close a trade.
Close Custom Lotsize. Enter a custom lotsize or percentage when closing orders.
Auto-Modify Grouped Orders. Modify one order, and the other orders in the group are automatically modified as well. Very handy for account group orders.
Auto-Close Grouped Orders. Close one order, and the other orders in the group are automatically closed (partically or fully) as well. Very handy for account group orders.
Auto-Close All Orders. Auto-close all orders at a predetermined time, e.g. every Friday at 4pm.
Group by Magic Number. Group all orders by magic number.
Group by Symbol. Group all orders by symbol.
Group by Account. Group all orders by account.
Visual Price Alerts. Visually add and edit price alerts directly on the charts, and have FX Synergy manage them.
Ignore Pending Orders. With account groups, you can choose to not copy pending orders.
Export Event Log. Export the event log in CSV format.
Alerts via MT4 Notifications. Use MT4 notifications for alerts. This is a very handy way to receive instant notifications on your mobile device.

And several additional tweaks and improvements.

Backtesting Support

This one is huge. Our upcoming product FX Historian will be merged into FX Synergy, essentially adding backtesting support in FX Synergy. This will be finalized in FX Synergy 1.5.1, which will be released in December.

New Pricing

With the official release of FX Synergy 1.5 on October 8th, we are changing our pricing. The new pricing will be $37 per month for the monthly lease. We have received a huge amount of requests regarding the removal of the yearly update subscription for the lifetime license. You asked, and we have listened. The new pricing will be $497 one-time for the lifetime license, which then includes all updates for life.

All existing users on the monthly lease will stay at their current price at $29 per month. All lifetime license holders has the opportunity to upgrade to free updates for life, for only $197.

New Website

Also on October 8th, we are launching a brand new website. This has been on our roadmap for quite a while. We are adding a lot more content, especially in the support section. All manuals will be 100% online, and we are adding a lot of tutorials, articles and videos to help our users get the most out of our products.

Weekly Webinars

We have received a lot of requests for support webinars, where you can ask questions and get help by our suppor team live. These will be held every Wednesday at 3pm EST, starting October 9th. All webinars will be recorded. Depending on the volume of users attending, we will increase the number of weekly webinars.

Improved Support Hours

We have users in more than 80 countries world-wide. To better serve everyone, we have changed our support hours to 2pm – 10pm GMT, effective yesterday. This allows our support team to respond faster to your questions as many of you are submitting inquiries outside of our previous support hours.

We hope you feel the above is exciting news. We are certainly excited to bring you Pecunia Systems 2.0!