FX Synergy 1.5 Beta – Build 154 Released

We are very pleased to announce the immediate release of FX Synergy 1.5 Build 154, which restores direct connection impacted by the MT4 update last week.

This release has been tested with 50+ different MT4 brokers, and we haven’t found any issues. If you come across anything please let us know.

Download FX Synergy 1.5 Build 154

Please note that you will be asked to un-install the previous version, this is normal, your settings will be saved.

Goodbye Windows XP

Windows XP was released back in August 2001. If you are still using Windows XP almost 12 years later, are you preparing for April 8, 2014 when Windows XP reaches end-of-life? In about 10 months from now, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, support, patches, etc. for Windows XP, leaving your very old Windows installation exposed and vulnerable.

Microsoft actually ended mainstream support for Windows XP back in 2009, and has been providing extended “life-support” ever since, simply because so many computers are still running it. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 yet, we highly recommend that you do so very soon. All future updates and releases from Pecunia Systems will not be supporting Windows XP.

If you want to read more about Windows XP, here’s a great article on Wikipedia.

New Website Coming Soon

We are currently working on a new website to replace our current site. The new site is a total makeover with lots of new content.

One of the biggest improvements will be an online knowledge-base with articles and guides on how to best use our products. The knowledge-base won’t replace the product manual, instead it will go into much more detail with specific use-cases. It will also contain detailed screenshots and videos. It’s our goal that it will eventually replace the manual.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for content that you would like to see in the knowlegde-base, please let us know via the support desk.

And as always, if you have any feedback of any kind we would love to hear from you!

FX Synergy 1.5 Beta – Build 153 Released

The latest MT4 update was released a few days ago, and due to the nature of the update it has caused issues with connecting to some brokers. This update to FX Synergy 1.5 Beta solves the issue.

It’s quite rare for an MT4 update to impact FX Synergy, however in this case it did. We could have released this update sooner, however it took our developers some time to determine that something had in fact changed on the broker side, because not all brokers who updated their servers were affected.

To download the latest build, simply use the download link in the original post announcing the beta. Please note that you will be asked to un-install the previous version, this is normal, your settings will be saved.

FX Synergy 1.5 Beta Update

It’s been 3 weeks since the launch of the public beta, and we are pleased to announce the first update to the software, based on your feedback. The initial build was 150, the latest update is build 151.

We want to thank everyone for trying out the beta version of FX Synergy 1.5 and giving us your valuable feedback. Overall the public beta has been a huge success, and using your feedback we identified a few areas that required some additional tweaking. The following items have been improved/added in the latest build:

Full Windows 8 Support. Some versions of Windows 8 caused issues with activation, this has been fixed.
Automatic Reconnection. In some cases reconnection on connection failure didn’t work as expected, this has been optimized.

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