FX Synergy 1.5 Released

We are extremely proud to announce the official release of FX Synergy 1.5, the most advanced MT4 trade manager.

If you have an active license, simply start or restart FX Synergy and you will be asked to update to the latest version (if your trial or update subscription has expired you won’t be able to use the new version). Please note that you will be asked to un-install your current version. This is normal. Your settings will survive. Please remember to close all MT4 terminals before updating.

Below is a video that showcases all the new features that we have added in FX Synergy 1.5. We highly recommend that you watch it as it covers virtually everything we have added. If you want to see the list of new features in writing, please see this post and this post.

The weekly webinars are held every Wednesday at 3:00pm EST, and runs for up to 1 hour. All webinars are being recorded, and will be posted on our website afterwards. You can signup for the webinars here.

We are currently working on building the online tutorials and documentation. In the meantime, please refer to the video above and the PDF manual for the beta version of FX Synergy 1.5. Between the PDF manual and the video, all features are covered. This is only temporary until we get all tutorials and documentation online, so please bear with us.

This version has been in beta since early this year, and many of the new features have been very thoroughly tested in live trading by our beta group for several months. If you should come across any issues, please let us know through the support desk immediately. We will be carefully monitoring user feedback over the next 2 weeks, and if required we will release an update as soon as possible to fix any issues you may come across. That said, with the level of testing that has gone into this release, we don’t expect too many issue reports.

As always, keep in mind that we love user feedback, so please let us know what you think about FX Synergy 1.5 through the support desk.