Install & Activate

Please follow the steps below to install and activate FX Synergy.

Step 1: Requirements
Please note that FX Synergy does not support Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
All later versions of Windows are fully supported.
FX Synergy requires Microsoft NET 4.5. If you are not sure, simply download it here and run the setup. If you already have .NET 4.5 on your machine, it will tell you.
Step 2: Download
Download the latest version of FX Synergy below.
Step 3: Install
If you have any MT4 terminals running, please close them now. Then run the FX Synergy setup and follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 4: Activate
The first time you start FX Synergy it will ask for your license key. Simply copy and paste the license key you have received. Once you have activated you will not be asked again.

When you have completed the steps above, it’s time to connect FX Synergy with your trading account. Please continue with Connect Your Account.